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Collect and trade whiskies to build wealth with ease, security, and proven authenticity.

What is WhiskyGenius?

WhiskyGenius is a global marketplace for tradable NFTs backed by physical bottles and casks of whisky.

Main Verticals

Whisky cask and bottle-backed NFT trading
platform using all payment methods


Staking platform for our own $WSKY tokens to access rare cask-backed and bottle-backed NFT drops


Warehouse and cask bottling plant for storage
with blockchain capability


Independent whisky bottling with NFTs specially curated with collaborators which are exchangeable for the physical asset


$WSKY Token 

$WSKY Token 

$WSKY Token 

$WSKY Token 

$WSKY Token 



Exclusive Access

Be first to access rare cask-backed and bottle-backed NFTs. Experience our own independent WSKY and branded bottling.

Exclusive Experience

Join curated distillery trips, VIP tours, and guided tasting events (in real life & in the metaverse).

Exclusive Rights

Enjoy preferential storage pricing, right to choose future rare cask bottling, naming, and label design.

Exclusive Raffles

Enter raffles for casks, bottles, and unique drops. 

Staking Rewards

Earn $WSKY tokens through staking.


◦ Acquisition of warehouse
◦ Signing of initial partner brands and whisky influencers

◦ Launch of first official whisky-backed NFTs
◦ $WSKY Public Sale and token launch

◦ Launch of $WSKY token staking and NFT rewards programme
◦ Launch of WhiskyGenius NFT marketplace (beta version)

◦ Adding additional blockchains to the WhiskyGenius NFT marketplace

◦ Hosting a whisky tasting session in the first-ever metaverse-based distillery and showroom

WhiskyGenius Platform

Our Mission

Meet the team

WhiskyGenius has a world-class team comprised of experienced whisky, technology an crypto professionals.

Murray Holdgate

CEO & Founder

Anastasios Papadopoulos

Chief Operating Officer

Will Corkin

Lead Advisor on Decentralised Finance

Joyce Cheng

Chief Marketing Officer


Adena Lavin

Brand Collaboration & Marketing

Iain Brechin

Bonded Warehouse Specialist

Andrew Stedman

Accounting & Recruitment

Investment Partners

Investment Partners

Integrated Management Systems

Platform Tech & Digital Marketing

US-regulated Partner

Unknown VC

Blockchain & Infrastructure


Decentralised Finance

NEPA Group

Global Logistics


Market Maker & Exchange Management


MoonLanding Media

WonderLand Metaverse

Roberto Sendoya Escobar

DeFi Link

Hex Trust