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Welcome to the World of

WhiskyGenius is a blockchain-powered global marketplace to discover, buy, and sell highly collectable bottles and casks of rare whisky.

The Physical

WhiskyGenius offers a global marketplace to bridge the gap between whisky brands, collectors, and consumers.

When you purchase a whisky-backed NFT on our platform, you are actually buying the whisky it represents. It could be a bottle, a right-to-bottle, or a cask. While the NFTs continue to be purchased and sold on the marketplace, the physical bottles and casks are stored securely either in the distillery or our bonded warehouse.

Other than trading the NFT (and the whisky it represents) on our marketplace, you can also redeem the physical whisky by burning the NFT and having the bottle delivered to you.

The Digital

All of our whisky-backed NFTs are digitally unique, of public record, and easy for anyone to verify their authenticity on the public blockchain, making them impossible to be replicated or copied.

With right-to-bottle you can purchase the right to a maturing whisky to be bottled in the future, enjoying its growth in complexity and age. There is also the option to purchase a whole cask or a part of a cask for bottling in the future or sell it on the WhiskyGenius marketplace

The Brands
    Whether you are looking to buy a bottle of whisky for enjoyment or building to add to your collection, WhiskyGenius makes the process easy and accessible. We work directly with renowned distilleries for whisky-backed NFTs and unique experiences with proven authenticity and provenance.
    With WhiskyGenius, you can buy, sell, and collect whiskies from around the world without having to import or export the physical bottles.
    Buy a cask of whisky that is still maturing, evolving, and growing in value.
    As the liquid inside the cask continues to age, more flavours and colours from the barrel are imparted, making the spirit smoother and more complex.
  • Get Early Access to Exclusive Casks
    WhiskyGenius works directly with renowned distilleries to offer access to some of the most exclusive maturing casks. These casks can be bought and sold in our marketplace prior to bottling. Purchase a right-to-bottle NFT for the right to a bottle of maturing whisky.
    You can sell or keep the NFT as the liquid gold continues to mature in the cask.

What is WhiskyGenius?

WhiskyGenius is a global marketplace to discover, buy, and sell whisky-backed NFTs that represent ownership of physical bottles and casks of whisky. Our platform brings trust and authenticity into the rare whisky market with blockchain technology. We revolutionalise the industry by offering unprecedented access to whiskies around the world as we bridge the gap between brands and the retail market.

What is a whisky-backed NFT?

Whisky-backed NFT represents proof of ownership – either to a physical bottle, a cask, or a right-to-bottle. While the physical bottles and casks are stored in regulated and insured bonded warehouses and secured display venues, the digital twin (NFT) can be collected and sold freely on the WhiskyGenius marketplace.

All of our whisky-backed NFTs are digitally unique, of public record, and easy for anyone to verify their authenticity on the public blockchain, making them impossible to be replicated or copied.

What kind of products are there on WhiskyGenius?

You can collect and sell any of the below products on the WhiskyGenius marketplace:

1. Physical bottle/cask

Represents a physical bottle or an entire cask of whisky. Option to include premium experience.

2. Right-to-bottle

Represents the right to whisky that is maturing in cask. Redeemable for a physical bottle upon bottling.

3. Shared ownership

Represents partial ownership of a cask/bottle

4. Experiences/Events

Represents the right to an exclusive experience or event organised by WhiskyGenius, brand, or distillery.

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