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What is


WhiskyCreative is the creative and brand collaboration arm of the WhiskyGenius platform. It is comprised of a team of whisky and design experts who curate experiences using artists, celebrities, and influencers. It allows easy entrance with step-by-step guidance on creating unique NFTs and experiences tailored to brands.

What We Do

Unique asset-backed NFT

WhiskyCreative partners with celebrities and renowned distilleries around the world to create unique asset-backed NFT experiences, including whisky tasting, virtual experiences in the metaverse, access to whisky-related novelty products, and many more.

WhiskyCreative also helps cask holders to design their very own bottle designs and labels for independent bottling.

How to sell on WhiskyGenius

1. Confirm the cask/bottles that your brand wants to mint onto WhiskyGenius

2. We help to identify the right collaborators for your product

3. Finalise label, art piece, or experience attached to your product

4. List minted product on the WhiskyGenius marketplace

5. Drive hype and sales through WhiskyGenius’ network and social media platforms

6. The whisky continues to be collected or traded on the marketplace and generates recurring revenue